Owslebury & Morestead Parish

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The Glebe Field


The Glebe Field is next door to the historic St Andrew’s Church in the centre of Owslebury.  It is owned by the Parish Council and the Church for the benefit of parishioners.  It has picnic table and seats where you can sit and enjoy the wonderful view. Footpaths lead to the Pilgrims’ Way and the countryside.  Whilst at the Field have a look at the 12th Century – a beautiful Church with windows commissioned by William Carnegie, 8th Earl of Northesk, as a memorial to his wife Georgina and daughter Margaret, who both died before him. He chose to depict these beloved woman as the Virgin Mary and  Van Gogh himself was deeply moved by the beauty and religious significance of the art work seen. Events  can be help on the Green for not-for-profit groups and organisations with the permission of the Council – contact the Clerk on 07882 375 996.  

If you would like to use the Glebe field please contact the Clerk of the Parish council.