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Climate Cafe Event

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Our Climate Cafe event on the 13th of March was a roaring success with lots of lively discussion, below includes some of that discussion and ideas on how as a group we can help tackle local climate change.

Biodiversity what do you think we should be doing locally in relation to the climate crisis?

Promoting No mow May – and possibly July

  • do an article saying why
  • Glow worms in Churchyard
  • Links with other PC’s

Increase Biodiversity on verges & green space

  • Snowdrop Saturday
  • Beech Grove, roundabout by ship plant crocuses

Re-wilding scheme

  • Part of school
  • Part of sports field

Tree Planting

  • Sports field


  • Good place for bird boxes
  • Hedgehog box
  • Bug hotel at the school
  • Footpaths 43/45/30

Seed and cuttings exchange

Produce sharing

  • Encourage sharing
  • Use the website / Instagram to advertise excess produce such as apples

Apple Press


Litter picking

Food – what do you think we should be doing on this topic in relation to the climate crisis in our Parish?

Unhealthy diets –

  • Encourage healthy diets
  • Use website Instagram periodically

Food waste

  • Encourage home composting
  • Knowledge on composting/ useby dates
  • No food waste collection by council

Growing Food locally

  • Seasonal food
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Allotments
  • Community garden – using spare land in a large garden
  • Community manure scheme from horse riders

Sharing food surplus

  • Sharing surplus at the hall/bring and share lunch
  • Use newsletters
  • Apple press
  • Post office day
  • Need a village shop run by locals


Whats App group for community bulk buying

Travel – what do you think we should be doing locally in relation to the climate crisis

Lift sharing

  • Lack of buses
  • Community minibus

Cycle Repair Scheme

  • Maybe in village but also available in Shawford and Winchester

EV Charge points

  • Parish Hall
  • The Ship Inn

Walk to School week

  • Too many children live too far away and Whaddon Lane is not safe
  • Could encourage them to park at Zoo and use footpaths

Better Footpaths

  • If only but no room


  • Reduce speeds encourage 20 is plenty
  • Reduce volume as Owslebury is a rat run
  • One way system

Better transport

  • More buses
  • More direct to Winchester
  • At times to Shawford
  • Sharing the Westgate bus public not allowed on it and sixth formers cannot get to college.

Car pool

Energy – what do you think we should be doing locally in relation to the climate crisis

Thermal imaging camera loan scheme

Energy efficiency measures on community buildings (inc rooftop solar)

Community owned solar farm

EV charge points

Green open home events

Retro fitting older homes insulate/check seals/draft excluders

Reduce Reuse Recycle – what do you think we should be doing locally in relation to the climate crisis


  • Not enough is known about plastic, can we get an expert speaker to educate us,
  • lobby supermarkets and the council/MPs about use, disposal (Owslebury is poorly served), and where it actually goes once in a bin.


  • ideas included Swishing (swapping/selling clothes),
  • monthly village collections e.g. of batteries, tetrapacs

Repair cafe(s)

  • were a popular idea to help us stop wasting, mending what we have (clothes, ceramics, electrical items, bikes) with the expertise of locals (electricians, the Bike Hub, seamstresses, potters etc).

Library of talents in the Village



Say yes to second hand clothes, air drying clothes, bubblejet shower heads and taps, swap to small dishwasher tablets, trust earth washing detergent or going vegetarian for a week.

Say no to food waster, buying so often, travelling overseas so often, tumble drying, cling film

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